2009. augusztus 22., szombat

Még tíz perc

Még tíz perced van, hogy csatlakozz a konferenciához, és meghallgasd Shelly előadását.

Beautiful You! Inside and Out…
It’s back to school and that usually entails new clothes, makeup and maybe a new hair style. However your budget may not be able to supply your passion for fashion and beauty needs! In Beautiful You—you will;

* Learn DIY beauty secrets
* Creative Confidence Projects
* Inner Beauty and self worth
* Hottest is modest—dress your body type
* Makeup & hair tips

Sometimes wanting to look good can get out of balance and it’s important to know where your beauty comes from— You are beautiful because God made you that way. Beauty is God-encoded deep in your DNA—You are unique and a divinely hand-sculpted masterpiece, fingerprinted body and soul by the most amazing Designer in the universe—none other than our Lord and Savior.


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