2009. szeptember 18., péntek

The "Any Novel Study Guide"

If you're like me, you're diving into homeschooling again for the new year. I'm looking forward to all that my kids and I are going to study together!
And one of the best ways I like to study and learn is through novels. When we're studying history, we always find novels that fit with that time period to read. The problem is: what do you do with these novels? I hate having to make up assignments all the time, and the kids get tired of endless book reports. But buying individual study guides is expensive, and it means I can't just pick books I find in the library.
And so here is the "Any Novel" Novel Study Guide. With it, children in grades 6-12 can study any novel they want over a 4-week period. And you can reuse it as many times as you wish with as many students as you wish!
Here's what it includes:
    • Chapter-by-Chapter exercises
    • Vocabulary lessons
    • Hands-on Exercises to Analyze Plot, Characters, and Theme
    • Writing Exercises
    • Alternative Exercises for Kids who Hate Writing!
Each week students choose from a variety of options for projects, so that the study is never the same twice.
Learn more about it HERE You can purchase it HERE, too! It's only $14.95!
It arrives via email, in a .pdf format, so you can just print it out whenever you want. There's no going to the library, finding a great book, and wondering what to do with it. You can use the study guide and get all your lessons for art, writing, spelling, grammar, and even history in one!
And because it's reusable, the $14.95 is quite a deal.
Check it out HERE!
If you can't use it now, take a look at it for the fall. I think it's a great resource!

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