2009. május 7., csütörtök

Blast 2009 Guidelines - Vetélkedő (saját készítésű lapbook és hasonlók beküldése)


Blast 2009 Guidelines

1. Your project must be approved by the Homeschool Share staff. We need to know who is working on what. You can email blast@homeschoolshare.com to get your idea(s) approved. Please start this process as soon as possible. Books that we are not familiar with may take 1-2 weeks for approval depending on library availability.
2. Your entry will NOT qualify for the contest if it doesn't meet
Homeschool Share's guidelines and standards. We reserve the right to not accept a submission. We reserve the right to ask you to revise, rewrite, or add to your work. If you have questions, we are more than happy to help; please don't hesitate to contact us.
3. All submissions become the property of Homeschol Share. We reserve the right to delete lessons or to add lessons (including Bible lessons) as we deem appropriate.
4. Submissions are limited this year. You may submit a maximum of TWO entries from categories 4-7 plus one tag-team entry, OR you may submit one entry from categories 4-7 plus two tag-team entries. Total of three entries per contestant. The only exception is category 3. Unlimited submissions for workboxes.|
5. We will officially start accepting submissions on May 1st. The contest will end on June 20th. Winners will be announced as soon as possible.

Látogass el erre az oldalra, és válaszd ki, milyen projektbe vágnál bele. Szép nyeremények várnak az ügyeskezűekre.

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Névtelen írta...

Thanks for much for helping us spread the word about the Blast!! I have you entered into the drawing for the blog makeover now too! :)

Candace (from HSS)

Eszter írta...

Thank you!